Nick’s Tips #35 – Hanging Around

Nick’s tip # 35

Hanging around

So, about five years ago after a day at the beach we were looking for somewhere to hang our towels and cosies to dry. No bike rack, only two mirrors and three towels etc.

I got to thinking over a glass of Rioja or three that it would be good to utilise the “J” rail that adorns the front of virtually all roll out awnings.

Holiday over I started a search on the internet for something that I could buy to hang towels and other wet gear on that would fit in the rail on the front of our then Omnistore awning.

A prolonged search came up blank. It was then that my inner inventor took over and here is what I came up with.

On the web I found webbing made to fit the said rail with a different sized roll on either edge. Two meters please?

Following that I puzzled over the pegs I was to attach. It would seem that most domestic clothes pegs are designed to hols something that has been hung over a line. Therefore, no real downward force. I bought and tried many variations of pegs before spotting the final choice. It tuned out it wasn’t a clothes peg that I needed, rather a small version of the metal clamp that market stall holders use to hols tarps in place.

A rivet and a washer and bingo this was the very useful result.

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