Alnwick Castle Alnwick, Northumberland, England

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle 13
The castle at Alnwick is the home of the Duke of Northumberland. It is set just off the town centre of Alnwick. There is plenty of parking in town and on the other side of the castle on the B1340 there is a large car park for the castle and gardens.
The castle offers a great day out for the family with lots of activities taking place for people of all ages.
Parts of the first two Harry Potter films were made here and those in the know will recognise the grassed area where broomstick flying lessons were filmed. In fact they run broomstick fly lessons for the young and young at heart on the same spot. We watched a group of very excited muggles fail to take off.
There is a small Dowton Abbey exhibition outside in the courtyard and in the staterooms you can see costumes from the series. Apparently it was used to film part of Downton (I’ve never really watched it so can’t offer to much here).
There are many other activities with dressing up in medieval costume, soap making and house of horrors room with a themed quiz. The state rooms are spectacular, the Duke and his family still live here in the winter (so we were told by the guide) and move out for the summer tourist season.
You can walk along the battlements and learn more about the history of the castle and Alnwick in the various themed rooms.
Adjacent to the castle are Alnwick Gardens. We didn’t go in here as we had to get back for the dog, but what we could see through the looked spectacular.
All in all a great and interesting day out. You never know you may even find you can fly!!

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