Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, England

Berwick Upon Tweed

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Berwick Upon Tweed is the last town in England when heading North on the A1. A few miles further on you cross the border into Scotland.

As the name suggests, the town lies at the mouth of the river Tweed. Divided by the river, the town centre is on the North side and can be accessed on foot over the magnificent old bridge. When crossing this bridge keep an eye out in the river for the seals. We saw two whilst walking over. One of these was beached in shallow water and seemed to be posing for the cameras.

Follow the old tow walls for an interesting walk. The ramparts have a great view of the estuary. We followed the water’s edge right the way to the end of the pier where you can see the rive meet the North Sea and the vicious current that this creates.

There is a tourist walk following the Lowry trail, this is based on the paintings of LS Lowry. He apparently was a keen advocate of Berwick and completed many drawings and paintings during his time here.

On the south side of the river there is a big beach at the “Spittal”.

This is a town that historically had serious wealth, probably largely down to its connections with the sea. This is evident in the many grand buildings that line the water front, particularly to the North side of the river.

A nice place to visit.

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