Holy Island, Lindisfarne, Northumberland.

Holy Island, Lindisfarne


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The first thing I noticed at this beautiful location was the peace and quiet. There were cars parked in the town but none of them were moving. This gave the opportunity to hear the bird song. What a refreshing change.

The island is linked to the main Northumberland coast via a causeway. This is subject to flooding at high tide so make sure you read the safe passage times posted as you approach the causeway.

Follow the road all the way to Lindisfarne. Pay and display in the main carpark and you are only a two-minute walk to town.

The castle on at the far end of the island is a short walk away and well worth the effort. It is atop of a rocky outcrop and commands views of the whole island as well as many miles of coast in both directions. There is a charge to enter the castle, but you won’t be disappointed. Just a short distance further on are the remains of the old Lime Kilns. These can be entered from the lower level, a series of tunnels with superb vaulted ceilings make this worth a look.

Back in town there are the ruins of the old Priory, this must have once been a grand building. On the coastal side of the priory is a lookout tower, in hear the 360 degree view is explained with scenic maps all the way roundpointing out all the landmarks you can see.

Seals abound in this area and if you are lucky you will see them swimming and fishing. If not then they could be layed up on one of the surrounding sandbanks, listen out for their haunting song.

In the town are a few pubs and small shops. We bought Holy Island Mead and can’t wait to give it a go.

This is a must for anyone travelling in the North East of England.

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