Kielder Water and Forest, Northumberland, England

Kielder Water and Forest


Kielder Water 7

For many years I have heard of the amazing light pollution free skies of Kielder.  Kielder water is Northern Europe’s biggest man made reservoir. It is located deep in the National Park of Kielder Water and Forest. It is many miles from the nearest illuminated city so the area suffers from zero light pollution. Stargazing is the order of the day and on our first night there we were lucky enough to have a crystal clear night. We looked into history that night seeing back to the beginning of time. The longer we looked the more that came into view. With the addition of a pair of binoculars it was incredible.

We stayed at the Leaplish Water Park with views over the water. This is the only touring park near the water. More on that in another post. 

The walking around this area is amazing. “Lakeside Way” is a footpath/cycle path that circumnavigates the reservoir. Twenty six miles in all is a bit far on foot for me. We did however walk most of the South side over a couple of days. Heading towards the Tourist centre at the dam end there is a fantastic shelter built of laminated timber construction and covered in gold metal. Somewhere to rest the legs or shelter from one of the regular downpours.

For the kids there are plaques set into rocks that can be “brass rubbed” (those of a certain age will remember this activity from before the days of Ipads)

The tourist centre offers the history of the reservoir from its conception back in the early 1970’s through to its completion. Fascinating stuff. Here there is also a gift shop and a café.

Wildlife abounds here. Birds and there song are everywhere. It was enough to make me grab the wildlife book from the motorhome so I knew what they all were. 

There are many other outdoor activities in the area and you will need to check out the www site to see what and where all these are. 

One tip from me is. If you intend to stay for a few days stock up in one of the small towns on your way. There are very few shops in this area.

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