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MHT Says – Kilrock got in touch, introducing their brand new damp clear moisture trap. I thought it would be a good idea to test one out as it was winter coming up, and I didn’t want to have any moisture inside the motorhome. I found it very useful as it removed the moisture from the inside of my motorhome, and collected very neatly in the trap. It was very easy to empty and the refills available were easy to install. Now, I don’t store my motorhome for the winter, but I would highly recommend the Kilrock damp clear moisture trap for situations such as storage, as it would definitely help clear the excess moisture.


New Damp Clear Moisture Trap from Kilrock is an effective and hassle-free solution for removing excessive moisture in the motorhome or caravan, combatting damp and improving air quality.

Damp conditions, condensation and high rainfall play havoc with humidity and can lead to mould, mildew and decay, which are not only destructive and unsightly but harmful to health too.  Now, however, there’s a solution – new Damp Clear utilises a high air-flow design to make it 45% more effective than other moisture control products.  It uses hydroscopic crystals (that attract and hold water) to absorb moisture which appear in the base of the product.   Damp Clear protects against mould, mildew and damp damage to fabric and furniture caused by excessive moisture and humidity and improves air quality by combatting musty odours.  The trap lasts for up to three months and can be refilled with a new Damp Clear Refill which now comes in either 2 x 500g or 5 x 500g handy, free standing pouches.

Practical and easy to use, Damp Clear starts working immediately.  It is also available as new Damp Clear Mini Moisture Trap for use in small areas such as cars and sheds, and as new Damp Clear Hanging Moisture Trap containing a gel for use in cupboards and wardrobes. 

Damp Clear Moisture Trap (500g) is available in Homebase, B & Q, Wilkos, independent homeware stores and on line at for £4.99.

Kilrock - Damp Clear


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