La Touquet Paris Plage, Pas De Calais, France

La Touquet

Pas De Calais


La Touquet is a well-established resort south of Boulogne in the North of France. You could easily be here within an hour of the ferry and tunnel terminals. As you turn of the D940 at Etaples you will notice the abundance of high quality property. The suburbs ooze money. Following the tree lined roads towards the sea front is a pleasant drive. In the “all the Aires North” book (Vicarious Books) you will see a couple of Airs located here. Both within easy walking distance of the town and sea front. We stopped at the one they call “Le Touquet Paris Plage 2” first to have a look. It is the car park of some sort of large equestrian event centre. There spaces for possibly 100 motorhomes. There also appeared to be EHU points all over the place, but not sure if these would be powered up for the motorhomes.

 From there we drove to “La Touquet Paris Plage 1”. Here we found a well located tidy space, not as large as the other one but a much more pleasant space. There was one area with marked out spaces which contained the drive over drain and disposal/water points. At the end a turn to the left led us into another large area that was occupied by three or four motorhomes that were parked up, as we were for a day visit to La Touquet. Over all I would think that this Aire would easily provide space for 50 units.

A ten-minute walk straight down the road led us into the town itself. On a bleak February day there was little happening. There is a great indoor pool that has an outside water park area for summer use (see photo). The town was really pleasant, many quirky shops and the usual plethora of bars and restaurants. If you arrive early the fish market would make an interesting visit. It was all shut and washed down by the time we got there (see photos). On the walk back we followed a boardwalk up into the dunes then the red arrows along a decent path with a cycle lane adjacent that looped around the headland and back to the Aire where the van was parked.

All in all, well worth a visit. I would imagine that in the height of summer and the school holidays that this place is extremely busy and an early arrival would be advised. Other than the Aires parking for larger motorhomes is somewhat limited.

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