Nick’s Tips #12 – Mirror Covers


Nick’s Tip #12

Mirror covers

Mirror cover 1

So, a couple of years ago we were heading on the coast road from St Tropez towards Marseilles minding our own business on the hilly roads, when bang the mirror seemed to explode. The truth was a van coming in the opposite direction had cut the corner and we had had a coming together of mirrors. For the rest of the trip it was held together with tape.

When we got home the shock of the cost of replacing the whole electric mirror (over £300 and that was me fitting it) made me wonder what I could do to reduce the risk of this happening again. We have to have the long arm mirrors to see to the rear so shorter ones weren’t an option. After a bit of on line research I came across Milenco mirror covers. At around £60 a pair this seemed worth a try. There was another make around at the time but these were more expensive. The main advantage of the Milenco cover seemed to me that the fact that it was fitted with a screw clamp meant that if we swapped the van then I could move them onto the new one in minutes.   Availabe at the time in either black or white (they may do a silver version) I opted for the black. Snuggly fitted in a few minutes they have now been on for a couple of years.

Thankfully they have not been tested. However, I am quietly confident that the dense rubber will do its job should the need arise.

mirror cover 2 Mirror cover 3 Mirror cover 1

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