Nick’s Tips #14 – Air Suspension

Nick’s Tip #14

Air suspension

Air suspension 2

Since we started motorhoming we have had three different vans. Two of these have had air suspension fitted.

On our first van I had it fitted when we had a tow bar and scooter rack added. This was at the suggestion of the tow bar manufacturer, . They suggested that it would help the back of the vehicle sit up and reduce role caused by the extra weight. It did just that. The system was inflated via a car tyre style Schrader valve in the off side foot step in the cab. This required a forecourt airline or portable compressor to inflate the suspension, the pressure gage was also located at the same location.

In our current van, the air suspension was fitted as part of a weight upgrade (3500kg to 3850kg) all the extra weight was added to the rear axle. The only way that this could be done and legal, was to have upgraded suspension. This time we have got a built in compressor. This is operated by a dash board mounted switch, with the left and right pressure gauges in the same location this is an extremely system to operate. Deflation is via two push valves sited in the same location.

The great thing about this upgrade is the stability that you will notice when you are passing lorries on the motorway. Also the body role that is obligatory with big heavy topped vehicles is greatly reduced.

However, it comes at a cost. There are a couple of prominent manufacturers of air suspension, they are Air Ride and Dunlop (there may well be others). Personally I have never had to fit one of these, however as a competent amateur mechanic and qualified electrician I would certainly give it a go.

Aie suspension 3


Schrader valve in step

Air suspension 2

Why don’t you give it a go? Buy one yourself through Amazon here!

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