Nick’s Tips #15 – USB Upgrade

Nicks Tip #15

USB Sockets


With the onset of all of us having many and various gadgets that require USB charging I recently swapped one of the 12v outlets on the van dash (Fiat Ducato) to a twin USB outlet. These USB sockets are available on EBay at less than a tenner delivered. It is important to say that I am an electrician by trade even though I haven’t been on the tools for many years. That said this small upgrade should be OK for someone who feels competent with car electrics.

To remove this section of the dashboard there is a single screw located in the cup holder. Once this is removed the whole section will simply unclip.

I have replaced the socket that is on the left as you look forward and on our 2009 model the yellow cable was the + positive, and the Black was the – negative. The USB socket that I bought had two spade connectors on the back and I was able to reconfigure the cables in the original plug (clip out the brown tab) to align them with the new socket.

USB 3 usb 2 USB 1 USB 3

Why don’t you buy one now? Get one here via AMAZON!

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