Nick’s Tips #18 – Side Blind! Protecting the Public!!

Nick’s Tip #18

Cab side blinds

Blind 2

Our last motorhome had a “Remis Blind” fitted to the front windscreen that I installed. However as per tip #13, all secure we had security deadbolts fitted to the cab doors. This precluded the fitting of Remis side blinds to these windows. After trying to use the curtains to cover these windows it was decided by “er indoors” that something else was required to save others from seeing in.

With this in mind I decided that I didn’t want to remove the locks so another solution would need to be sort.

This led me to the idea that whatever I came up with would need to use magnets to secure it. After a couple of false starts I ordered a couple of metres of white upholstery vinyl of the ever useful eBay. Also ordered were super strong Neodymium magnets in the shape of a washer, also required were a few ting bolts and domed nuts to go with them.

I started by cutting a cardboard template of the upper half of the door. This extended to the surrounding metalwork and down into the door handle recess. Once this was done (very Blue Peter) I located 6 magnets where they would hold the blind taught and locate positively on the door metal work. Bingo, door window blinds.

We used these with great success for three years. Easy to pop in about thirty seconds a door, once rolled, easily stored in the door pockets.

Total cost around twenty quid. Bargain.

Blind 1 Blind 6 Blind 5 Blind 4 Blind 3 Blind 2

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