Nick’s Tips #20 – Travel Docs (safe, secure and available!)

Nick’s Tip #20

Travel docs, safe, secure and available.


As we travel around in our motorhomes we have an ever increasing pile of documents to carry around. Insurance, log book (if in certain EU countries), health insurance, E1 11, driving licence, breakdown cover, bank details, a copy of your passport, pet insurance etc etc .

There have been a few apps released over the last few years to accommodate this pile of paper.

However I have for years carried this about on at USB memory stick. The risk here I guess Was That This would or could fall into the wrong hands and not be with you when you needed it. The first of these was easy to resolve. I bought a password protected memory stick. Now at least this offers security.

I have now moved on from this. To ensure the docs are secure and accessible at all times from my phone or any other PC terminal, I simply scan all of them and email them to both myself and ‘er indoors. Problem solved.

For those that have no access to a scanner, I understand that print shops offer this type of service or there are many free Apps that can be downloaded so you can use your phone to create a PDF file. Or simpler still simply take a decent photo of the item and save as a JPG file.

Now you have all these safely stored in your email account you can access them as required. On your phone to look at them or show the authorities of if a paper copy is required an internet café with a printer.

Happy days

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