Nick’s Tips #24 – Full tanks

Nick’s Tip # 24 Full tanks

We’ve all done it. Got out the hose at home and filled the water tank before setting off.  This Ok if you are going a short distance to wild camp where there is no potable water supply. However, most are going to visit a known campsite or possibly a CL or CS, all of these have water supplies.

Carrying excess water around could put you over the weight limit, most modern vans have only a limited capacity for user payload. If you have a tow bar, satellite dish etc, these are already using up some of that capacity.

Water weighs a Kilo per Litre. Filling up your on board tank will add in the region of 100kgs to your van. This will eat into the economy of the vehicle costing you more to complete the journey and add unnecessary stress to the engine and clutch.

Try setting off with just 20 litres of water this will be enough for a brew if you stop off on the way somewhere and fill up on arrival.

Also remember the grey water in your waste tank weighs the same, empty it before moving on.

Modern tanks are built with baffles in them to stop the water sloshing from side to side as this can seriously affect your handling. Be aware of this in older vans.

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