Nicks Tips #26 – A table for two please!

Nicks Tip #26

A table for two please?

A table for two

A table for two

When we bought our new Bailey 740 it came with a caravan style table that was stored in a cupboard and took up the whole of the front between the bench seats. This to me was far too big for the two of us and restricted our move meant from the rotated cab seats to the rest of the van.  Being a keen wine drinker not having a table to rest the bottle and glass on wasn’t an option.

After spending a few nights struggling with the problem (and testing Rioja at the same time) I started to search the web for a solution. Initially looking for a free standing solution that was robust enough to eat off and would fit in the cupboard provided by Bailey, I drew a blank.

Not to be defeated I decided I would make my own, or at least by all the components and assemble/fit them myself.

This led me to source a Fiamma table leg. A fat round chrome leg with a floor mounted socket and a mounting bracket for the top. I decided that the optimum table top size would be 600mm round and wooden. This would need to be offset with the ability to swivel. In the parked position this would be more over the side seat, when swivelled it would be centrally positioned enabling two of us to eat off it seated on the either side bench. A pre-cut circular wooden table top was sourced from the web.

I measured up and for the optimum location to enable all the above detail to work for us and marked where the hole in the floor wood need to be to suit my needs. After careful measuring to check under the van to ensure that I wasn’t going to drill through any cables, pipes or chassis bits that were fixed to the underside of the floor, I drilled with a suitable sized hole saw. Sealing around the edge with “Sikaflex” I screwed the base into position with the screws that were provided. I then got under the van and sealed the base from outside to prevent any future water ingress. After inserting the leg into the now fitted base it was time to line the top up into a suitable position as required. With this marked and then screwed into position the job was done.

A fixed table for two that can be swivelled out of the way and completely removed in the blinking of an eye. This enables the front bed to be used should we ever need it.

Somewhere to put the wine and snacks that won’t get in the way. Happy days.

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A table for two

A table for two

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