Nick’s Tips #27 – Choosing a van??

Nick’s tip #27

Choosing a van??

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When choosing a new motorhome, you will find that there a re many and various options on the market. Different makes, models, layouts, engines, berths and so it goes on.

If you are new to motor homing all of this may seem daunting.

You need to consider many different things.

How many people will be sleeping, eating, lounging in it?

Are the beds wide/long enough? Make sure you try them; some are smaller than they seem

How many belted seats will you need?

Where are you going to keep it, how much space do you have? This will often focus you to certain models.

Do you want a garage?

Is second hand with all the accessories already fitted a much better deal? These can be expensive. A role out awning can be in excess of £700 fitted, a type approved tow bar £900 fitted, an alarm £300, Satellite TV £1k etc. Remember there a lot of very low mileage second hand units out there.

If you are to mainly drive on the continent then a LHD vehicle may suit you better. In the UK these can be a couple of grand cheaper than a RHD model as they are less desirable.

A fixed bed can take up useful space in a van. However it saves making up a bed every night and putting it away in the morning. This will also have really useful space below.

If you are considering going of grid in your new purchase then Solar power and a decent sized on board water tank may well be important to you.

Bathrooms come in many shapes and sizes. I prefer a separate shower that doesn’t need to share floor space with the rest of the bathroom. Some need to fold the basin away to form the shower. If you are only ever intending to stay on club sites then this may well be bottom of your list.

Most of the European vans on the Citroen Chassis or the Peugeot equivalent. This offers a really good engine and comfy cab with front wheel drive. For the petrol heads out there you may well prefer the Mercedes offering which will offer great quality and rear wheel drive.

Last time we swapped the van I wrote a list of essential items, these were must haves for year round touring that previous experience told me we would need. I also wrote a list of nice to haves, these were mainly aftermarket accessories that would be expensive.

Finally know what your budget is and do lots and lots of research.

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