Nick’s Tips #28 – Club Discounts

Nick’s tip #28

Club discounts

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I’ve been a member of both the main clubs in the UK for a few years now.

In this tip I am talking about the Camping and Caravan Club (the friendly club)

I was completely unaware that there were discounts available at many high street stores using you membership card.

I happened upon this by accident in Mountain Warehouse recently. Whilst try to claim Student discount with my NUS card the eagle eyed assistant spotted my card and suggested I use that as it would lead to a 15% discount rather than the 10% allocated as a student.

Following this I took a look at the clubs website

Here I discovered that there were discounts available at many and various locations, places that I would spend my hard earned in.

These included Go outdoors, Blacks, Ordnance Survey and Fiamma amongst others.

Based on this I checked out my other membership cards to discover that there are also discounts available for AA membership, CSMA membership etc. etc.

Now I don’t know about you but this is as far as I am concerned the equivalent of free money, check out the cards in your wallet/purse you may be pleasantly surprised.

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