Nick’s Tips #30 – Rear Warning Signs

Nick’s Tip #30

Rear Warning Signs

Warning signs 2With this one I’m not entirely sure of the under pinning legislation so be careful.

One thing is for sure that when traveling in Europe these signs are on the back of all vans that are carrying bikes on the traditional rear mounted cycle rack. Apparently its something to do with overhang past the rear lights.

There is also some debate over whether the plastic ones are legal in all countries. The aluminium ones, apparently, have reflective stripes where as the plastic ones don’t.

I would guess that the legislation that covers this for Europe is the same here in the UK, however I have never heard of anyone getting pulled over in the UK for not displaying one.

Also whilst trying to read up about the legalities of these it would be apparent that there is a correct way round to fit them. Something to do with the stripes pointing to the side that it would be required to over take on.

I am in Europe in a couple of weeks and will be looking at how the European drivers have fitted them to see if there appears to be uniformity. You can bet that this would be something a bored French police officer would love to discuss with you, whilst collecting a fine.

Anyway sorry if this is a bit woolly, but it is worth bearing in mind. I will update things on here if I can glean any thing of others whilst away.

Warning signs 2 warning signs 1

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