Nick’s Tips #31 – Vehicle Height and Width

Nick’s Tip #30

Vehicle Height and width

Our motorhome comes with a guide to it’s measurements in the drivers sun visor. Simple really fold down the visor and there they are. Height, length and width.

However, once accessories have been fitted at least two of these can be subject to change.

The addition of a rear or towbar mounted cycle rack will certainly change the length. This probably won’t cause too many difficulties, other than booking ferries and declaring the overall length on the booking form.

However the height of your vehicle can change and this could cause an issue. The fitting of roof boxes, satellite dishes solar panels etc. can seriously add to the overall height.

This could be important when passing under garage forecourts, car park barriers and depending on the height even some low bridges.

To this end I have re-measured the van with these in place and added my own sticker to the sun visor. Hopefully this will add as a reminder when the time comes and help avoid what could be an expensive mistake.

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