Nick’s Tips #36 – Moving the “Beast”

Nick’s Tip #36Moving the “Beast”

I first saw on of these about four years ago in an Aire just outside of Sat Tropez.

We have carried a scooter with us for the last five years. We have housed it in an under bed garage and put it on a tow bar mounted rack.

Since we bought the new van we haven’t taken the scooter with us, and I was quite keen on towing it rather than adding weight to the rear axle. The only issue here would be reversing a small trailer with a 7.5m van, tricky.

Whilst searching eBay for ideas on trailers I came across this great piece of kit. As I said above, I first saw one of these a few years ago and have never seen another. The trailer has two tow hitches attached to two tow balls on a special bracket mounted on the existing tow bar. How does it turn I hear you say? Well here is the clever bit: The under slung wheels “swivel”, like shopping trolley wheels. This enables it to act like an extension of the van rather than like a traditional trailer. When reversing it simply pushes behind the van whichever direction you point it.

With a built in ramp and tie down points this is extremely easy to use.

Hopefully the pictures will better explain the setup.

Good luck in find one of these they seem to be as rare as….

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