Nick’s Tip #9 – Levelling the Van

Nick’s Tip #9 Levelling the van

Ramp 1

Caravans by comparison offer more flexibility when levelling. With the Motorhome however less hard work is required.

There would seem to be a few options, on the vans we have had all of them have been down on the front. So if a pitch only slopes back to front then parking the van the right way round can level it up.

Wedges. Levelling wedges come in many and various makes, colours and sizes. In my experience normally two will suffice. We have after buying several different types ended up with the biggest in the shop. They come with staged dips that the wheels will sit in. To tell if I am level I have glued a tiny spirit level to the base of the passenger seat in a suitable location that I can see from my driving position. If the pitch dips at one corner it may well be necessary to add a third ramp to compensate.

There is another option. Auto levelling legs. These are jacks that work on a hydraulic system that are fitted to the chassis of the Motorhome.  Very expensive and heavy, but at the push of a button they will auto level your van. These are fitted to many American RV’s and probably cost prohibitive for most of us as a retro fit.

In my past post I mentioned that the fridge requires being near level to operate. A level van will also feel better to walk around in and with the added benefit that the shower will drain properly.

Levelling Jacks Ramps 2

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