Nick’s Tips #25 – Google maps, searching out sites

Nick’s Tips #25

Google maps, searching out sites

Google maps 3

There are many ways of using the internet to find new places to visit. Google offers endless pages of information on tourist attractions as well places to stay.

However, I use “Google Maps” a lot to search out new sites.

Once we have decided roughly where we are heading, I will look on google maps to identify possible campsites in the area.

I use two different methods to achieve results

  • Zooming in sufficiently to identify campsites from above, once I spot something that could be caravans and motorhomes, I drop into street vies to see if it is possible to identify the site name so I can “Google“ it.
  • The other method is to zoom in to the rough area that you wish to visit and type into the search bar “campsites” or something similar. This will automatically identify the location of all campsites that have been registered with Google Maps withi that geographic area. You can then click on the markers and link directly to their website.

I have been doing this for the last few years and found many great places to visit and stay.

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