Nick’s Tips

I will be bringing you the best and worst tips from my Motorhome experience! If you have any for me to try then please drop me a message – [email protected]

Forging ahead with Twisted Metal Art, a Cornish day out

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Cornwall there lives a real live Blacksmith. Sounds like the beginning of a ...
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Motorhome Traveller - Electric Hookup

Nick’s Tips #39 – Tripping the Light! Fantastic!

Nick's Tip #39  Tripping the light fantastic How many times have you needed to reset the electric on the post ...
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Nick’s Tips #38 know your limit

Nick's Tips #38 know your limit In the UK your speed limit is governed by not only the road you ...
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Nick’s Tips #37 – Get your Strap On

Awnings are expensive things. And for those of us who have had one blow away, you will know when they ...
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Nick’s Tips #36 – Moving the “Beast”

Nick’s Tip #36Moving the “Beast” I first saw on of these about four years ago in an Aire just outside ...
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Nick’s Tips #35 – Hanging Around

Nick’s tip # 35 Hanging around So, about five years ago after a day at the beach we were looking ...
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Nick’s Tips #34 – Stop Streaking

Nick’s Tip #34Stop streaking I have been telling people this for ages. To help keep your van free of the ...
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Nick’s Tips #33 – Pop Up Road Cones

Nick’s Tip #33 Pop up cones These are great gadgets. They are just collapsible reflective road cones. Use them to ...
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Nick’s Tips #32 – Bubble on the Seat

Nick’s Tip #32Bubble on the seat When arriving on site how do you know you are level? Firstly you need ...
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Nick’s Tips #31 – Vehicle Height and Width

Nick’s Tip #30 Vehicle Height and width Our motorhome comes with a guide to it’s measurements in the drivers sun ...
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