Road Trip Europe

Road Trip Europe


We did this tour a couple of years ago. It was the centenary year celebrating the end of the first world war. There was a lot of TV coverage and we decided that we would plan a route roughly taking in the war graves of Europe.

Trawling the internet for suggestions and blogs recommending places to visit and stay I came across the ideal book “Road Trip Europe”, This was subtitled “The great war and more”. The trip they were suggesting took in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland and then back through Belgium to France and the ferry port.

We started well  off their route by going to Paris to watch the end of the Tour De France, what a great experience and occasion that was. But more of that another day. From there we headed up through France to the Belgium border spending a night in Charlvill-Mezierres after we looked around the magnificent castle AT Sedan. From there we roughly followed the book. Taking in Bastogne and the Amrican war memorial and graves, then on to Luxemburg where we visited the war graves. This is where General Patten is buried. He actually died in a road accident in America, but was buried with his troops in this great but sombre setting.

After this we visited the German town of Trier which was our gateway to the superb Mosselle valley with its majestic river. The hills that surround the valley are covered in vineyards, wine tasting is available in virtually every village. We followed the Moselle using the plentiful Aires for a few days before turning towards Holland via the Eiffel National Park.

From the national park it was off to Holland and a couple of nights in Valkenburg. This we were told is the highest point in the Netherlands at 300m above sea level. To the rest of the world it is hardly a hill, however the Dutch seemed enthused by the idea of the altitude and there was even a cable car to take you part way up.

A few more days touring Holland, taking in the windmills at Kinderdijk, and the coast at Zeeland and it was off to Bruges for a day. A great Aire near to where the coaches drop off the tourists is where we spent the night. We even got an electric hook up thrown in.

From Bruges on to France to buy wine and then home.

A great trip.

The book contains maps, info on where to stay and details of where to visit . I would recommend checking this one out. We had a great time and saw some beautiful places.


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