Sainte Fargeau, France

Sainte Fargeau



Quite close to the Loire River and possibly the nearest Aire to Guedelon Castle, this small town is well worth a visit. The centre of the village is of medieval origins with a beautiful Chateau off the main square. There is an old timber framed barn type building adjacent to the main car park and the Aire which now houses picnic tables and public toilets.

The hardstanding Aire is just behind this building and is easily accessed via the car park.

The town has all the local commerce and bars you would require for an overnight stop and the Aire is really peaceful.

Guedelon castle is only approx. 20 mins away (see other post) and this would make a great stop before or after a visit.

The bustling towns along the Loire are not to distant and well worth a visit. This is a great area to while away the days. Clean town with lots of history abound.

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