Nick’s Tips #16 – Satellite TV, Reach for the Sky!

Nick’s Tip #16

Satellite TV

Satellite 1

I have read a great deal on this subject and it is really budget dependant. I have seen many options on sites from suitcase kits, domestic Sky dishes, domes on vane as well as the more traditional full dish on top of the van.

Personally I have tried a couple of options over the years.

1, We bought one of the suitcase set ups from Maplin a few years ago. The box contained most of what you need. We had a old tripod that we used to mount the dish on or used the suckers provided to attach it to the side of the van. I invested in a signal detector and a satellite compass. All this was kept nice and tidy in its own carry case.

The difficulty came when trying to late the correct satellite. The compass was great to get a rough direction. But, you also need to understand the elevation. There was the inevitable “Anything” being shouted by me to her indoors. Stressful was a word I would use for most of the times we tried this. Sometimes thought it was signal received straight away.

To summarise this is a cheap option but you do need a level of patience and understanding as well as a lot of practice to perfect the set up.

2, The last van I bought had a “sat dome” already fitted to the roof. Now I’m not sure that I would have invested this much money on the system, but wow. We pull up (ensuring a clear view skyward to the south) flick the switch wait a few seconds, normally between about seven and ten, and bingo, sat TV operational.

We have used this are far south as the Med coast in France and as far North as Scotland with great success.

I think that the tip here is to understand what your realistic budget is. The more you spend the easier the setup will be.

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