Nick’s Tips #17 – Untidy wires, Dashboard Spaghetti!

Nick’s Tip #17

Untidy wires, dash spaghetti

Sat nav 1

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to see the plethora of cables that now seem to occupy our dashboards. Some of these seem to essential evils, phone chargers for example plug into the USB socket I fitted (see Nick’s tip #15), this has tidied things up a bit. I was left with the challenge of what to do with the with the Tom Tom plug and lead. After a bit of eBay research I found a solution, a built in power system designed to work with the Tom Tom. At less than a tenner I thought I would give it a go.

Removing the part of the dash where the 12v sockets are located (Fiat Ducato) and the shelf that fits above the radio I was able to fit the lead that I had bought with its small transformer. The wiring loom at this location contains a switched supply that will go off when the ignition is turned off. On the left hand outlet that I had previously swapped to a USB socket I “scotch locked” the cables from the new lead into the loom yellow being + positive and black being – negative.

The other end of the lead just sneaks out between the refitted shelf and the dash, directly below the Tom Tom.

Bingo another cable gone. 🙂

Sat nav 2Sat nav 1


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