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Product review for Wessex Chemicals



A couple of weeks ago the good people at Wessex Chemicals asked if I would like to review some of their products. Having now had chance to try them out, here’s what I found.

Blue Bio Toilet Fluid

I have over the years tried various brands of toilet blue and green with varying levels of success. On occasion, we have, due to where we have been staying been forced to use the green fluid and have to say have been disappointed. This is a requirement on many sites in the UK and Europe due where the sewage system drains into a septic tank. I’m no chemist but here is something in the standard blue that the septic tanks don’t like.

Blue Bio toilet fluid from Wessex Chemical factors is blue in colour but has all the credentials of a green fluid.

It has to be said that I was pleasantly surprised. It not only smelt good but did a decent job of assisting in breaking things down for easy emptying of the Thetford tank. It came in a container that contains a measuring device in the neck of the bottle to accurately dispense the correct amount. You simply need to understand the size of the holding tank (or how much it will contain when you empty it). Wessex also claim that where your toilet has a separate tank it can be used in there instead of the traditional pink flush fluid.

A product that I will definitely consider using again.

Waterless Wash

This is a concept that I have read about and seen on sale at many of the shows, however I have never been tempted to buy or could really see the requirement of. So it was with doubt to the value that I tested this one.

It did a great job. Applying with a damp micro fibre cloth then polishing off with a second one led to a great shine and a look that I was extremely pleased with.

I’m not sure that this will replace the hose and pole brush that I use at home on the drive but I will be sure to carry on using this to keep things shipshape whilst away from home.

Bathroom Cleaner

To be honest I never got a look in at this one. As soon as I opened the box it was conveyed directly to our shower room at room. I hope that that didn’t sound to sexist. However, as all the real men out there will know our endeavours at domestic cleaning are never quite good enough. My world for these type of duties lies outside with gardening, car and motorhome washing and I am allowed to clean them all on the inside too.

I am assured by ‘er indoors that the Bathroom Cleaner from Wessex permed admirably, dealing with the shower in a quick and efficient manner.

Eco Friendly Odour Eliminator

I saw a claim by Wessex on Twitter that if someone is sick in the car then this product will deal with the lingering smell that is left behind and seems to reappear for ever when the heater is on. Now I can’t claim to have given this quite such a robust test but we do have Vino the Spaniel who’s two favourite things are 1, a tennis ball and 2, swimming.

So it has been duly tested on dog smells. The best news was that it dealt with them with aplomb. I have to liken it to industrial strength Fabrize. So this one is a winner and as long as the dog has a love of water we will be armed with a bottle of this.


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