Worcester, Worcestershire

We decided to take the dog for a walk this morning down by the river Severn in our home town of Worcester.

The river as ever, was swollen and in some parts the riverside walk was flooded.

Worcester is a great town for tourists and I would recommend a weekend here to take a look at the history that abounds. Worcester was the home of a couple of civil war battles and there are lots of reminders of this.

Take a look at the Commandery Civil War museum located next to the canal in Sidbury, Not far from here is the magnificent cathedral, a wonder of stunning architecture. Also whilst on this side of town take a walk down New Street and Friar street with their beautiful black and white buildings.

The riverside walk between the Diglis footbridge and the main road bridge is well worth the effort (As long as the floods haven’t covered the path).

The city centre is modern and busy with many small and interesting shops as well as the usual array of bars and cafes.

There is a great riverside summer campsite at the Ketch which is open in the summer, and not to distant are the club sites at Blackmore (see other review).


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